27 Jun

Getting Married In a Church

Hi guys, Mark Brittain here again for Creative Elegance. Today I want to chat about Church Weddings.

I would say that about 10% of the weddings I shoot are in a church. That being said there are still plenty of weddings happening in churches. Below are some things to think about if youíre having your Ceremony in a Church

ï Wedding Date. A lot of churches, especially in and around Brisbane City are fairly well booked up. And when I say fairly well I mean 2 ñ 3 years in advance. Especially for a Sat or a Sunday Wedding. Thatís why we are seeing more Weekday weddings now. So they can get in
ï Reception. Obviously if your getting married in a Church itís highly unlikely that your going to be able to have your Reception at the same venue.
ï Religion is to some degree a touchy subject. Especially if the couple who are getting married arenít the same Religion. What if the Bride is Catholic and the Groom is Greek? Do you go somewhere neutral, like the Beach??

Hopefully this has given you a few ideas for some information and questions to ask your prospective supplier and help you choose wisely.

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Mark Brittain.

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